How to set up Tascomms32 communication for Stat Crew and other Com File Interfaces for a Daktronics System


How to set up Tascomms32 communication for Stat Crew/ TAS for Daktronics System?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: Stat Crew Interface (hosted by DSTI)
  • Component: Tascomms32
  • Control System: NCAA Sports
Note, some Stat Crew setups along with Genus Sports and Presto export XML instead of com file.
* If you are attempting to use this setup for stat providers other than StatCrew, it is not a supported setup for Daktronics. Please contact your stat vendor for support if it is required. 


Note: Reference How to set up Stat Crew with the All Sport, DSTI, and Venus 7000, DD2167389 for more information on Stat Crew and DSTI setup.​​​
         Download Tascomms32 make sure that the latest version of Comms32 is installed. This should be acquired through Stat Crew.   This is often available from StatCrew.
1. Go to Start > Programs > TasComms32 > TasComms32.


2. When setting up TasComms32, two outputs are available: serial output or file output. Determine which type of connection is being used between the stats computer and the DSTI.     

3. Configure the Monitor file to correct sport. This is the file where Tascomms32 gets information from.
  • Select Scoreboard data under Incoming data format.
  • Select the appropriate Sport.
  • Set the Monitor file to point to the correct sport folder.
    • C:\statcrew\ for Basketball (Note: In next gen it's instead)
    • C:\tasbs\comfile for Baseball
    • C:\tasfb\comfile for Football
    • C:\tashk\comfile for Hockey
    • C:\tasvb\comfile for Volleyball

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   4. Configure your output method

  Serial output is used when the stats and DSTI computers are connected using a Serial (COM) port.

  • Click COM1 to select another port if necessary; for example, if the port is already communicating with an All Sport 5000.
  • Check Enable output.
  • Select Scoreboard data as the Outgoing data format.
  • Set protocol as follows:
    • Set the Baud Rate to 9600.
    • Set the Data Bits to 8.
    • Set the Parity to None.
    • Set the Stop Bits to 1.
      Note: If Parity is set to another option than None, the data from Stat Crew will show incorrectly in DSTI. See Stat Crew showing incorrect data in DSTI, DD2430056
   File output
  • Tascomms32 and DSTI can be on the same computer or can be on two separate computers that are networked together with this scenario. Shared drive for Tascomms32 will need to be mapped on Tascomms32 computer.
  • Ensure "Enable output" is unchecked under "Main COM port".
  • Set up the file output by clicking the Miscellaneous tab. 
  • In the "Drop" input into file field one of following to match your sport. Note if DSTI is on same computer C: will be correct. If DSTI is on a separate computer you will need to use the mapped drive letter.  *File path should match DSTI file path. The username to map the drive should be User or V7000, and the password should be dakpass7.
    • C:\statcrew\comfile.dak for Basketball
    • C:\tasbs\comfile.dak for Baseball
    • C:\tasfb\comfile.dak for Football
    • C:\tashk\comfile.dak for Hockey
    • C:\tasvb\comfile.dak for Volleyball

      Click "Start Monitoring" or Start ‘Monitor File’ at the top of the TasComm32 program to begin viewing the data from the Stat Crew software. After clicking the "Start Monitoring" button the button should turn green and shortly after that a white terminal window will appear with stats.


      Note: Before continuing, make sure that Stat Crew is open and sending current game information. Also confirm data is updating by entering a play in the Stat Crew software which should then appear in the terminal window of TasComm32 program.

      Note: If the error "Incoming data is stats display" appears in your TasComms32 software the Stat Crew Remote Display in Match Setup is not configured to Scoreboard.StatCrew Basketball Tascom error.jpg
      Check the terminal type in the Stat Crew software and confirm the type selected is Scoreboard. Also confirm that the proper comfile is being monitored in TasComms32 software. For more detailed instructions please select your relevant sport or issue from How to set up Stat Crew with the All Sport, DSTI, and Venus 7000, DD2167389.

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