How to set up FL-3000 displays with multiple FLR3-100 remotes


How do I set up an FL-3000 display with different remotes for each line?


  • FL-3000/4000
  • FLR3-100 multiple systems


Will need to sync each remote to each line individually.
  1. Turn power off to all displays other then one programming remote for. Power will be left off for this entire procedure.
  2. Set dip switches on back of second remote. (located under smaller removable back)
  3. Power cycle only the displays desired to be run with this remote.
  4. Sync this remote to desired displays. How to sync the FLR3-100 to an FL-3000\4500 display?, DD2371987
  5. Wait 3 minutes before power is taken away from this display for settings to be written to memory. 
  6. Power other display up and verify remote only controls desired displays.

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