StatVision No Template Found


  • When trying to send stats using StatVision the progress bar goes red and says No Template Found. Doesn't matter what you are sending to, V7000/VNet/DCGI/etc.


  • StatVision
  • DCGI


  • StatVision is expecting a sequence configured for the specific combination of categories and stats selected. If there isn't one set up it will give this error, regardless if a sequence is actually going to be played (DCGI will be going to a 3rd party CG and isn't looking for one, for example).


  1. Go to Edit->Sequences...
  2. Under each Category/Stats box you expect to use give it a sequence to play.

    For example, if you select one category with three stats select the corresponding box and put in the name of the sequence you want it to play whenever you select that many stats. If you aren't planning to play a sequence (DCGI) just enter any name, for example 1_3.
    1. DCGI doesn't require the file to actually exist in order to play.
    2. However any VNet or Venus 7000 controlled displays must actually have a file named whatever labeled in StatVision on it's local database (e.g. 1_3, 1_4, 2_3, 2_4) in order to play.

KB ID: DD2504018

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