Remote shows No Server Found, Low Signal Strength; Base station lockup

Potential Symptoms

  • Not able to connect to Gas Price or Base station radio; unable to change prices.
  • Receive, "No server found" on LCD readout of handheld.
    • RC-100 LCD may read "Press Enter to set Channel", but no channel change has been made and it communicated on current settings previously.
  • Receive, "Base station not responding" on LCD readout of handheld.
  • RC-100 handheld shows low signal strength.
  • RC-100 handheld asking for Channel setting (for Scoreboard function).


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays, Sports Product
  • Product: Gas Price, Fuelight, Scoreboard
  • Component: RC-100 handheld remote, Base Station radio
  • Control System: FLR-500, RC-100


  • The base station has locked up.


  1. Power cycle the display(s) at the breaker.
  2. Power cycle the RC-100.

KB ID: DD2475381

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