How do I maintain or clean a pool's OmniSport 2000 and timing system?


  • How do I maintain or clean a pool's OmniSport 2000, touchpads, deck plates or lane mods and HS-200?


  • Product Family: Aquatics Timing
  • Product: OmniSport 2000, touchpads, push buttons, deck plates, lane modules, HS-200
  • Components:
  • Control System: swimming


  1. After every event, the touchpads needs to be taken out of the pool, rinsed with fresh water and stored properly in a touchpad cart at a normal temperature (68F/20C).
  2. After every event, the deck plates or lane mods should be cleaned using a .22 cal brass or fiber bristle brush and filled with fresh silicone lubricant. LU-1002 is Dak lube# and 0A-1240-0003 is the whole kit.
  3. Care needs to be taken with touchpads so they are not dropped, set on corners, bent in any way or have sharp objects hitting the face of the pads.  Also ensure pads are not set down on cables, or pinched between pads, causing them to be cut or the prongs bent. 
  4. OmniSport and computers should be taken out of the pool environment when not in use and stored in a climate controlled room.
  5. HS-200 should be plugged in continuously when not in use.  The HS-200 has circuitry that monitors the charging process so the unit will not over charge.   The HS-200 battery should not be ran completely dead or it will affect lifespan of the battery.

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