Zero on 6th line of stat panel


  • Why is there a 0 on the sixth line of my stat panel?


  • Basketball
  • All Sport series console (AS-5000)
  • SD Series (stat panel):  SD-2101, SD-2102, SD-2103, SD-2104, SD-3101, SD-3102, SD-3103


  • If the TEAM FOULS / SHOW ON STATS? setting is enabled, the sixth line will be used to keep track of the team fouls in the fouls column.  When starting a new game, team fouls has a value of zero.
  • If you would prefer to not see the team fouls total displayed on the stat panels:
    1. Press <MENU>
    2. Scroll down until you see MENU- MAIN / EDIT SETTINGS?
    3. Press <YES>
    4. Scroll up until you see TEAM FOULS / SHOW ON STATS? Y
    5. Press <NO>
    6. Press <MENU> to exit. 

KB ID: DD2402063

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