How to verify Stat Crew wiring and its connections to Daktronics equipment.


  •  What lights should be lit when DSTI, Stat Crew, and the All Sport are connected?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: Stat Crew Interface Com file method, DSTI, All Sport 5000 
  • Component: Tascomms32
  • Control System: NCAA Sports

Signal Convertor

    1. The silver bullet signal converter will have some lights that indicate functionality when troubleshooting Stat Crew connection issues.
    2. Check the jumpers on the board within the box itself.  Typical setup makes use of either the J3 or TB1 for output and J1 and J2 for input so N to 12 and P to 13 should be jumpered.  See the back lid of the silver bullet for more information.

      11-9-2012 2-20-37 PM.png

    3. Without any cables plugged in the silver bullet should look like the following.
    4. 102_0204.JPG
      Plugging in the Moxa cable should turn off the TX CL light 
      The Moxa cable will have lights on as well.
    5. The Green (TX) on the Moxa cable will flicker when the Stat Crew machine sends information, the Yellow (RX) will remain solid as soon as the cable is plugged into the signal convertor and Red (Active) is solid when plugged into the USB port on the computer
    6. The RX CL light will go off on the signal convertor when the J3 is seeing the signal convertor, V7000, or DSTI machine in the control room. If TB1 is being used the RX CL will remain solid red.
    7. If the lights are not turning off and on appropriately we can always do a loopback test (shorting pins 2 & 3) between the adapter/computer or serial expander cable (shown to the left in step #6) to see if it is faulty. Or to eliminate the software (DSTI or Stat Crew) as being the issue Teraterm or HyperTerminal can be opened up on both machines. Typing on one machine will show text on the other. 
    8. Daktronics has worked with the Moxa brand to provide a high end adapter to our customers.  RadioShack cables may have additional problems and higher failure rates.
    9. Often the Stat Crew computer and All Sport aren't directly tied together but in turn run up to a separate DSTI machine through conduit and land on a rack mounted signal convertor or silver bullet.
    10. Check the connection on the back of the appropriate rack mounted signal convertor (often they are labeled "Stats" and "All Sport").
    11. The Stat Crew signal is going to be fed using Current Loop (CL) wires on the green phoenix connector
    12. The left most (RX & TX) connection is for the DSTI
    13. The serial connections on the right are for the V7000, V-Play, and other Daktronics devices
    14. The RX light will be solid when the All Sport or signal convertor from the Stat Crew is linked in the case of a rack mounted signal convertor. A silver bullet will have the RX CL off. 
    15. Each device (All Sport and Stat Crew) will have its own dedicated signal convertor.

Verify startup process

    1. Restart the DSTI machine or open and close the program.
    2. Open up a new competition in Stat Crew and enter in the starters.
    3. Confirm Full Subs are on in the Options Menu for the sport.
    4. (Depending on sport) The terminal type should be "Scoreboard" and not "PCTerm" or "Daktronics"
    5. Enter in the starting line up in Stat Crew or consult Stat Crew documentation to do this.
    6. Open up Tascom32 installed on the same machine as Stat Crew, confirm settings (Basketball should have
    7. Confirm your serial port settings and the adapter is recognized in Windows Device Manager with the appropriate port.  Confirm you are not using a drop file or second serial output if the DSTI program is on a separate machine.
    8. Start the Monitor file.
    9. Open DSTI.
    10. Check to see if the proper sport and interface are selected.
    11. Competition should say opened at the bottom and mirror what is opened in Stat Crew.
    12. Going to View -> Monitor ports you should see the following for All Sport
      Dsr should blink red to green
      Cts should be red
      Rlsd should be red
    13. Stat Crew
      Dsr should be green
      Cts should be green
      Rlsd should be green

Verify All Sport

    1. The last thing to check is to make sure you have the proper code entered in the All Sport.  The stats panels should light when you disconnect Stat Crew, and manually enter in substitutions in the All Sport for all of your starters from both home and guest.

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