How to Line map, using key fob, FL-3000/4500 Gas Price Displays


  • How do I line map, address, or program an FL-3000/4500 series display with an FLR3-100/400 key fob?


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Display
  • ProductFuelight, FL-3000, FL-4500, Gas Price or Petroleum Price Display, FL digit product
  • Component
  • Control System: FLR3-100/FLR3-400 Key Fob (Wireless Communication Option), Handheld, Remote, Radio


Check out the setup video! -->

  1. Press and hold the line 2 (+) and (-) buttons (at the same time) until the host display decimal flashes.  This will put the displays in line address mode.
  2. One display will slowly flash, press the (+) button on line 2 until the appropriate line number is shown.  (L01, L02, etc...)
    • Example: If you set a display to L02, then the key fob will change the price of that display by using Line 2 of the key fob.
  3. Once the line number is set, press and hold line 2 (+) and (-) buttons of the key fob for 3-4 seconds and then release them.  The next display face will begin to slowly flash.
  4. Repeat steps until all displays faces have been mapped.
  5. Exit this configuration mode by pressing and holding line 2 (+) and (-) buttons of the key fob until the displays show prices and are not flashing.  Should take about 5 seconds. 
    • Alternatively you can let the display timeout of Line Mapping mode by waiting about 5 minutes, this will provide time to verify all the displays are showing the correct line value and they don't accidentally get changed.
Refer to the Installation Quick Guides for more information. 

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