TriCaster Output Resolution Issues with Black Box KVM Extenders

Potential Symptoms

  • NewTek TriCaster or 3Play unit desktop interface and/or multi-view monitors show an "Out of Range" box and no output from the NewTek equipment.


  • Product Family: Video
  • Product: NewTek TriCaster; Black Box VGA KVM Extender
  • Component: TriCaster 450/455, TriCaster 850/855, TC-1, or 3Play 425/820
  • Control System: Black Box VGA KVM Extender (A-3005 or A-3006)


  • The minimum recommended output resolution of the NewTek equipment is 1680x1050, which is the native resolution of our typical A-2516 NEC 22" monitors.  The Black Box KVM extender will use its default DDC information to send video output to the remote monitor which may or may not be sufficient for the monitor in use.  The extenders will not pass the connected monitor's specific DDC information across the CAT5e link.    If the monitor’s resolution looks off or the "Out of Range" message appears follow the steps below to load the monitor's specific DDC information in the KVM extenders.


  1. Disconnect the remote monitor from the Black Box KVM remote unit.
  2. Bring the monitor over to the control rack and directly connect it to the output (feed-through) VGA port on the local Black Box KVM extender unit.
  3. Cycle power to the local unit.  Upon power up the yellow LED indicator built into the RJ45 Link port will flash repeatedly.  The local unit is pulling the monitor's DDC information at this time.
  4. Disconnect the monitor and cycle power once again to the local KVM extender unit.  This time the yellow LED should only flash once which signals that the unit has the monitor's DDC information loaded
  5. Reconnect the monitor to the remote KVM extender unit, and the resolution should automatically change to the recommended 1680x1050 resolution.
    • Note: If the output resolution of the TriCaster or 3Play was changed prior to the above procedure, exit out to Windows and change the resolution back to the recommended settings.

KB ID: DD2374535

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