How to replace a 65W power supply on an DB-4100 or GP3 module


  •  How to replace the 65W power supply on an DB-4100 or GP3 module.


  • DB-4100 billboard
  • GP3
  • Antaios module


  1. Disconnect the 3-pin power cable from module power supply.
  2. Use a 6 mm Torx driver to remove the four Torx screws that secure the power supply to the module (TH-1194).
  3. Disconnect the 4-pin power supply cable from the back of the module and remove the power supply.
  4. Connect the power supply cable from the new power supply to the module.
  5. Set power supply on the mounts and attach it using the same 4 screws.
  6. Connect the power harness to the power supply and make sure the green light is lit above the harness plug.

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