RC-100/ FLR-500 low signal strength, intermittent communication with scoreboard/display

Potential Symptom

  • RC-100/FLR-500 low signal strength.
  • Intermittent communication with scoreboard / display.
  • RC-100 handheld may changing the data on another scoreboard / display.
  • In range light is flickering off and on


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: Scoreboard, FL-2000, FL-2100, FL-2300, FL-4000, DF-2000, DF-2009, DF-2100, DF-2300, DF-4000, Fuelight or DataMaster, Petroleum Displays, FL or DF digit product
  • Component: Base station receiver channel settings (antenna on display / scoreboard)
  • Control System: RC-100/ FLR-500 (wireless communication)


  • Channel/Frequency Interference.
    • The channel the base station receiver is set to is experiencing interference from an alternate source.
    • Can occur when 2 or more scoreboard / display receivers are set to the same channel / frequency setting.


  1. Set the channel on the base station receiver to a different channel.
  2. Set the Channel on the RC-100/FLR500 to the same channel as base station. How to change channel on RC-100 or FLR-500 handheld?, DD2078541

KB ID: DD2302191

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