How do I change the IP address of a display using LCD Simulator software?


  • How do I change the IP address fo a display using LCD Simulator software?
  • How do I change the IP adress on a VSLS display?


  • Product Family: Vanguard
  • Product: VL, VSLS, VF, or VX displays
  • Components: Software
  • Control Systems: LCD Simulator


1. Connect PC to the controller via Ethernet cable.
2. Launch LCD Simulator
3. Click on pulldown menu next to the "OPEN" button, and select TCP/IP.
4. Click on OPEN.
5. Click on white box in the green LCD area, and type in the ip address if known. By default the IP address will be:
6. Click on Connect, wait until the Screen displays: "Remote login" at bottom.
7. Use mouse to click on the buttons on the simulator.
        a. Click on the Local/remote switch. (switches to Local mode)
        b. Click on Enter. (Switches to Main Menu)
8. From the Main Menu screen
9. Select Configuration
10. Select Communication Configuration
11. Select Ethernet Control Port
12. Select Ethernet Mode
13. Select Static
14. Select IP Settings
15. Select Controller IP Address
16. Select IP address given then enter
17. Select Controller IP Port (if necessary)
18. Select Port # given then enter
19. Select Controller Subnet
20. Select Subnet given then enter
21. Select Controller Gateway
22. Select Gateway # given then enter
         NOTE: there will be an asterisk next to any changes.
23. Select Cancel button which will reboot the controller.
24. Close LCDSimulator. Reopen to establish a new connection.

       NOTE: Press F2 to decrease size, F3 to increase size of LCDSimulator screen.

KB ID: DD2291055

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