Cannot connect to Galaxy display but able to ping IP address; Failed controller

Potential Symptoms

  • Able to ping the IP address for the Galaxy display, unable to connect using M2Config or Venus 1500.
    • IP address was that of a Lantronix box so able to ping Lantronix but not connect to display controller.


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Software
  • Product: Venus 1500, Galaxy display with M2/M3 controller
  • Component: Lantronix box (the customer did not know they had a Lantronix box and was overlooked in their equipment listing), Controller
  • Control System: M2Config, Venus 1500


  • Controller has failed.


  • Replace controller.
To determine if you have a Lantronix box, type the display IP address you are using to connect Venus 1500/M2Config into a web browser address bar. If you are taken to a Lantronix web page, you are working with a Lantronix device and not direct Ethernet to sign.

KB ID: DD2290541

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