How To Highlight Current Batter From DakStats Baseball Utilizing Bitmap RTD


  •  How can Current Batter Coming From DakStats® Baseball be denoted other than using Color RTD?


  •  Venus 7000 Sequence Designer


  1. If a background image is desired, import into a Venus 7000 Sequence File
  2. Create a Second Sequence File, Insert a Data Frame and delete the first (graphic) frame
  3. Save and Close both Sequences
  4. Create a new Sequence
  5. Choose Frame Menu and Combine 'From Other'
  6. Combine the first two Sequence Files with file containing the graphic file as the background and the file containing the foreground being the blank data frame
  7. Add RTD and Bitmap RTD Fields from RTD Input 3 (DSTI DSBA Scoreboard.itf) to the new (combined) Sequence File.  Each player in the lineup for both home and visitor teams would ordinarily use the the following fields from the DakStats® Baseball Scoreboard Stream:

    -Bitmap RTD field for Lineup Bitmap Indicator   Example: GUEST LINEUP 06 BITMAP INDICAT('A'OR'~')

    -RTD field for Lineup Name   Example: GUEST LINEUP 06 NAME

    -RTD field for Lineup Number  Example: GUEST LINEUP 06 NUMBER

    -RTD field for Lineup AVG  Example: GUEST LINEUP 06 AVG

    Note: Venus 7000 considers RTD fields to be layered based on field number with the higher numbers being on top.  To keep Bitmap RTD underneath of RTD (text RTD), keep Bitmap RTD Fields as the lowest field numbers and RTD fields showing text as field numbers beginning after the Bitmap RTD field numbers.

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