How do I perform a PLR-6050 self test?


  • How to perform a PLR-6050 self test.


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Products: DB-4000, DB-4100, DB-4200, DB-5000, DB-6000, DB-6400, GP3, GP4, GC6, DXB-0100, BLD-0100
  • Component: PLR-6050
  • Control System:


  1. Locate the PLR with a reported problem.
  2. Remove protective metal cover for the PLR.
  3. Connect a working SATA cable and a working duplex fiber cable as shown below.
  4. Power cycle the PLR by disconnecting the power cord and re-connecting it.
  5. Watch the LCD display on the PLR & use the chart below to see the results of the self-test.
  6. If the PLR passes, re-connect to see if the problem disappears.
    • If the PLR fails, note the code displayed after the ERR displayed and write it on the toe tag when you send the PLR back to Daktronics.
 Code  Description
 8     8     8  Testing 7-segments (held for 2 seconds)
 t      s     t      Initial test in progress (60-seconds)
 P     A     S  All tests passed
 E     r      r  Test failures reported
 F     0     1  Fiber Port A Error
 F     0     2  Fiber Port B Error
 F     0     3  RJ45 IN (Port A) Error
 F     0     4  RJ45 OUT (Port B) Error
 F     0     5  ProLink5 (SATA) Port A Error
 F     0     6  ProLink5 (SATA) Port B Error
 F     0     7  ISAC Error
 F     0     8  Fan Control Error
 F     0     9  Voltage Error
 F     0     A  Temperature Error
 F     0     B  ID Error
 F     0     C  Serial Flash Error 
 F     0     D  EPLD Error
 F     0     E  EPLD Oscillator Error
 F     0     F  EEPROM Error
 F     1     0  Firmware Error
 F     1     2  7-Segment Error

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