How do I get the Media Kit that was sent to me via email or from a Flash Drive to show up in Content Studio?

Potential Symptoms

  • How do I get the Media Kit that was sent via email or from a Flash Drive to pull in and/or show up in Content Studio?
  • How do I get Media Kit files from a flash drive or that are saved on an old computer to show up in Content Studio?
  • How can I make images/graphics and/or animations/videos pull into Content Studio so they appear in the Media Library?
  • How can I import content packages into Venus 1500 V4 so they pull into the Content Studio Media Library for me?



  • Product Family: Software
  • Product:
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus 1500 Version 4, Content Studio


Step 1a: Save/Download the Media Kit from the link in your email.
  1. Close Content Studio and open your email.
  2. Click on the Link to Download.
  3. Click Save as.
  4. Browse and select Desktop to save the download to, and click Save.
  5. Extract the files to your desktop from the zip folder by right-clicking and choosing Extract All.
    • Upon extraction you will receive a Sign Size folder, which contains a Stills folder and an Animations folder.


Step 1b: Save the Media Kit from the USB Flash/Thumb Drive.

  1. Insert USB Drive to the Computer's USB port.
  2. Go to Windows Start Menu -> My Computer/Computer.
  3. Double-click and open the Removable USB Drive (sometimes this is E:).
  4. Double-click and open correct sign type folder (SS or SSL).
  5. Double-click and open the correct Extended Media Kit folder (Mono64 or RGB16m).
  6. Double-click and extract the correct sign size .rar file.
  7. For Destination folder click Browse and select Desktop, click ok.
  8. Click Install.
Step 2: Browse and create a Media Kit folder on Local Computer.
  1. Browse to the following location on the Local Computer.
    • Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents
    • Windows Vista or 7 - C:\Users\Public\Public Documents
    • Windows 10 - C:\Users\Public\Documents
  2. Create a new folder called My Daktronics, or open current My Daktronics Folder.
  3. Create a folder and name according to the displays aspect ratio, and open.
    • Example: A 80x160 sign would have a folder named the aspect ratio of 1x2.
    • You can use an Aspect Ratio Calculator to calculate the aspect ratio of your displays height and width.  
      • Aspect Ratio Calculators may have the height and width of display flipped around.
      • If your Aspect Ratio is incorrect or switched around then you will not be able to view content in the Daktronics Library.
    • You may also call into Daktronics Software Support for additional assistance.
  4. Create a folder and name according to the displays height, and open.
    • Example: 80x160 would have a folder named 80
    • Example Pathway: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\My Daktronics\1x2\80

Step 3: Transfer downloaded Media Kit file to the Media Kit folders that have been created.

  1. Copy and paste the Stills folder from the Sign Size folder on your desktop into the displays height folder found in My Daktronics.
  2. Copy and paste the Animation folder from the Sign Size folder on your desktop into the displays height folder found in My Daktronics.

Step 4: Launch Content Studio and view Media Library.

  1. Re-Launch Content Studio.
  2. Click Image or Video Tab in Media Library.
  3. From drop-down menu, select Daktronics Library.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Images or Videos should load into Media Library.
  6. They will be listed under 'Miscellaneous' if you search by Category.
  7. Click and drag-and-drop media file to layout to import.

KB ID: DD2248959

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