How do I test (RTOP) Relay Take Off Platforms?


How do I test Relay Take Off Platforms (RTOP)?


  • OmniSport 2000.
  • RTOP Relay Take Off Platforms.
  • PC-2001



When using the OmniSport 2000 console:

  1. Plug the RTOP into a button input on the deck cabling, typically Button 3 input.
  2. Configure the OmniSport 2000 console for that button (Section 5.6).
    1. The red LED on the RTOP‘s gray electronics box should be flashing.
  3. Place hand flat on the RTOP, hold for two seconds. Remove hand quickly.
    1. The red LED should turn on solid for approximately 1 sec then begin flashing again.
  4. Verify that the times are appearing on OmniSport printouts. Times should also appear in Pro Swim computer if using that software.

Note: The OmniSport 2000 console must be configured for a relay event in order to see Exchange times.

When using the pace clock:

  1.  Set the pace clock to Program 11.
  2.  Connect the RTOP cord into the pace clock jack labeled Platform.
  3. Place hand on the RTOP, hold for 2 seconds and quickly pull away.
  4. The top colon on the pace clock will quickly flash on and off if there is proper connection.

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