RTD Data fields from Hy-Tek do not show properly on the display


  • Hy-Tek data isn't showing properly on the display.
  • RTD fields are blank.
  • Data is not formatting properly on the display.


  • Show Control
  • DMP-8000 Player
    • DVX-101
  • FinishLynx
  • Hy-Tek


  • Font used in not a Fixed Width Font.


  • Current resolution is to use a Fixed Width Font, either Lucida Console, KaiTi, or Courier New font for the RTD data field.  Fixed Width Fonts are fonts that have letters and characters that take up the same space horizontally.
  • If one of the recommended fonts listed above was used but the data is still unreadable on the display see DD2263863, DMP-8000; RTD data is unreadable on the display.

KB ID: DD2178694

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