Text or fonts not appearing on Venus 7000 or defaulting to Arial Font on DMP-8000


  • V7000: 
    • SQ7 created from Content Studio shows fonts in CS but when played on Venus 7000, do not appear.
  • DMP-8000:
    • VMPF was created from Content Studio and shows appropriately in CS, But when played on DMP-8000, do not show up with the custom font, but with the default Arial font.


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers; Control systems
  • Product: DMP-8000, V-Net; DMP-7000
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus 7000; Show Control System


  • Fonts have either been improperly removed or were reinstalled over an existing font file already on the machine, duplicates in .ttf and .otf versions are present, or mismatched font file naming for the same font across machines.  

    • If the font already font exists but the user clicks “Yes” anyway, the same font will be installed. The computer will rename the existing font and install the new copy of the same font. This will place two versions of the same font, but with different names on the same machine. The result, Content Studio is unable to correctly choose the font consistently.  

    • This can also happen if you have two fonts named differently but are actually the same font are attempting to be installed (i.e. UnitedSansSmCdLt.otf and UnitedSansSemiCond-Light.otf). You may hit "no" to installing UnitedSansSmCdLt.otf on one computer but yes to the UnitedSansSemiCond-Light.otf creating a mismatch, even though it appears to the user as the same font in Content Studio or other programs.


  1. Open a command prompt window with Administrator rights. 
  2. Navigate to using current directory command: cd c:\Windows\Fonts. 
  3. Verify that the problematic font is in the folder by entering in the  command prompt:   dir *_0.ttf  (if more than one _<number> font file is suspected then execute:  *_*.ttf instead).  This will find all duplicate fonts. Could enter dir fontname_*.ttf for specific fonts. (Repeat using .otf file extension if Open Type Fonts were used on Show Control and DMP-8000 machines.)
  4. Verify that the resulting list contains the font(s) you were expecting. 
    1. Any Font listed as Ex. GothamBold_0.ttf or GothamBold_1.ttf is duplicated and needs to be deleted.
    2. Note: If a file has space in the name EX. Bad font_0.ttf, put the name in as quotations EX. "Bad font_0.ttf"
  5. If everything matches or is within expected results, execute:  del <fontname>_<number>.ttf  replacing <fontname> with the name of the font and <number> with the number in the file you want to remove. 
  6. If above does not work perform
    del /f /s /q /a "C:\windows\fonts\Font_Name Example.ttf"
  7. Repeat for any font file that needs to be removed.  

To fix previously created content that is expecting the font file with _0, open the content. 

  1. Change the font to a common font such as Arial, then save.
  2. Change the font to the desired font. 
  3. Repeat these steps for any content the exhibits this behavior.

Avoid this Problem

  • Follow the recommend procedure in the Show Control User Handbook (DD2003514)  to avoid this problem, or as summarized here:
  • Font already exists - If trying to add a font that already exists, be sure to delete the existing font before installing the new font. Double check your font files for possible duplicates before attempting to install, especially prevalent in United font family.
  • Click “No” when the Install Font pop up opens indicating the font already exists. Continue following Microsoft's recommendations for deleting the existing font before installing the new one.

KB ID: DD2155954

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