DMP 7000 or DSTI mouse jumping all over the monitor


  • Mouse doing erratic movements when no one is touching it, could be popping up menus randomly.


  • All Sport 5000
  • Any computer getting data from the All Sport, most likely DMP-7000, Venus 7000, or DSTI computers


  • All Sport 5000 data is being recognized by Windows Operating System as a Microsoft Serial Ball Point Mouse.


  • Go to Device Manager and disable the Microsoft Serial Ball Point Mouse under the category of "Mice and other pointing devices".
  • Alternate resolution: if mouse pointer continues to move too erratically to gain control for disabling "Microsoft serial ballpoint" in Device Manager
    • Ensure All Sport power is turned off and disable auto start function in the registry file using the following file path and settings:
    • Start/run/regedit/sermouse/start/right click/modify
    • value data 4
    • Hexadecimal

KB ID: DD2124841

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