How do I change wireless scoreboard radio receiver settings?


  • How do I change the Broadcast and Channel settings on my scoreboard radio receiver?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Component: Gen V (5) or Gen VI (6) radio receiver installed in an LED scoreboard
  • Control System: Radio-equipped All Sport or OmniSport console


  • If it has been determined that a nearby wireless scoreboard or other radio signal in the area is interfering, the default broadcast and channel settings of the radio receiver inside the scoreboard(s) must be changed.

Note: Always disconnect scoreboard power before servicing!

  1. Locate the black antenna – typically sticking out the front of the scoreboard – and the receiver unit will be directly behind it.
  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to gain access inside the scoreboard and reveal the receiver unit. The receiver unit is a black box connected to the antenna. It has a plastic cover and a window to view status indicators.

  3. Remove the four screws in each corner using a longer, smaller Philips head screwdriver and lift off the cover.
  4. The process of changing the radio settings depends on the generation of the radio. 
    • Gen V (blue label): Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the CHAN rotary switch to a new channel (1-8). Move the jumper wire on the J4 or J5 BCAST jacks to a new broadcast group (1-4) as needed. Broadcast groups 2 and 4 may only use channels 1-4.
    • Gen VI (gray label): Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the CHAN and BCAST rotary switches to a new value (1-8) as needed. Be sure to always leave FUNC set to 1.

      Note: Regardless of radio generation, the factory default settings are BCAST = 1, CHAN = 1.
  5. Screw the cover back on the receiver unit, and then securely close the scoreboard access panel.
  6. Enter the new radio settings into the console to test the radio control. Refer to How do I determine my Scoreboard's All Sport Radio Settings?, DD2499093.

Refer to the Gen V Radio Installation Manual (ED-13831) or the Gen VI Radio Installation Manual (DD2362277) for more information.

KB ID: DD2122306

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