Football Scoreboard, AS-5000, Horn going off after time out

Potential Symptoms

  • Horn is going off at the end of time-out. Can I turn off that function?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Football scoreboards
  • Component: All Sport 5000
  • Control System:


  • The horn is hard coded into the firmware, and there are no menu or edit settings to change this.

For Temporary Operation

Option 1

  • Turn the auto horn function off prior to the time out, and turn the auto-horn function back on after the time out is over. 
         -To turn auto horn function off, press the Auto Horn button. Select 2 to turn off. 
         -To turn auto horn function on, press the Auto horn button. Select 1 to turn on. (If this function is enabled, the yellow LED will be lit on the horn button.

Option 2

  • Stop the time right before the horn goes off.

Option 3

  • Set the Time Out Full and Partial times to 00:00. 
    1. Press Menu and scroll / arrow down to Edit Settings. Press Enter.
    2. Scroll to Time Outs Time Full ##:##
    3. Enter in new time by press numbers on the keypad. Press Enter to save.
    4. Scroll to Time outs Time Partial ##:##
    5. Enter in new time by press numbers on the keypad. Press Enter to save.
    6. Press Menu to exit out of the menu.
    7. Resume regular game play.

KB ID: DD2119507

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