TNMC is blank, driver has no lights, failed power supply

Potential Symptoms

  • The Guest TNMC is not displaying anything.
  • No boot up sequence (POST) on the Team Name Message Center (TNMC).
  • Power supply has 120v input and 0v output to the MASC driver.
  • Found standoffs that should be behind transformer/power supply may be missing.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboards, SO-2022-21 (LED), BA-3718-21 W/ TNMC, G4
  • Component: TNMC
  • Control System: All Sport


  • Failed power supply causing no power to the TNMC driver.


  • Replace failed transformer/power supply.
    • Ensure all standoffs are present behind transformer.

KB ID: DD2104483

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