How do I download & import content from Daktronics Commercial Creative Services?


  • I received a download link from Commercial Creative Services, how do I download and import that content?
  • How do I save purchased content from the Daktronics E-commerce site ( to my computer?
  • How do I save and upload the Media Kit that was emailed to me from Daktronics?   


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product:
  • Component: Content Studio
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite, Venus 1500 V4


Note: All content received from Creative Services are stored and sent in zipped folders.

Step 1: Download the creative from the link received from Creative Services.

  1. Go into your email account.
  2. Locate and open the email that was sent from
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD : "PACKAGE NAME" link.
    • You may not be able to click the link, you may have to highlight the link and copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) into a internet web browser.
  4. This should begin downloading your content immediately.

Step 2: Extract the files from the Zip or Compressed Folder. A zipped folder will look like it has a little zipper on it.

  1. Browse to the location where you saved zip file on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the Zipped folder.
  3. Select Extract/Extract All.
  4. Choose or Browse to a desired location to extract the file.
  5. Click Extract.
  6. Allow the extraction to complete.

Step 3: Import files.

Option 1:  Import files into Content Studio for Venus 1500 Version 4.

    1. Launch Daktronics Content Studio from within Venus 1500 V4
      • Open Venus 1500 v4, click Content Tab, click Create.
    2. From Media Library, choose the Images or Videos Tab, depending on the type of file you want to import.
    3. Under Search In, click the drop-down menu.
      • If you stored in My Documents, My Pictures or My Videos, select the directory and click Search
      • If you stored the files in a different location, select Browse and browse to the location they were stored and click Search.
    4. Images/Videos will now appear in the Media Library.

Option 2a:  Import files into Content Studio for Venus Control Suite.

  1. Launch Daktronics Content Studio from within Venus Control Suite.
    • Log into Venus Control Suite, click on the Media Tab in the Main Menu, click on the white down-arrow next to the blue Upload button, and select New Content Studio Presentation. Log into Content Studio using your Venus Control Suite username and password.
  2. Please reference How do I import images or videos into Content Studio?, DD1995364 for instructions on how to browse to your Daktronics content and import a file into your Content Studio presentation.

Option 2b:  Import files into the Venus Control Suite Media Library.

KB ID: DD2096311

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