Incandescent scoreboard goes through boot up sequence but is blank or does not communicate when using any of the All Sport codes.

Potential Symptoms

  • Scoreboard will go through a boot up sequence but is blank when using any of the codes on the insert and the scoreboard is not responding to the All Sport console.


  • Product Family: Sports products
  • Product: Incandescent scoreboard
  • Component:
  • Control System: All Sport 5000, All Sport 3000, All Sport 1600


  • Wrong type of code is being used;  an addressable code is being used with a non-addressable scoreboard.


  1. Reference What All Sport code should I use for my scoreboard? DD2257097.
  2. Enter proper Non-Addressable code into the All Sport console for the sport it is being used for.

KB ID: DD2093749

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