Daktronics Video Display, blank section or all blank due to power issues, Circuit breaker tripped or blown

​Potential Symptoms

  • Large group of modules or all modules are not working.
  • LED lights on module backsides not lighting up at the first blank module (left to right as seen from front).
  • Some or all the equipment in the display is not powered.


  • Product Family: Billboard, Video, Message Displays
  • Product: Billboard, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy, DVX
  • Component: Circuit Breaker
  • Control System: Venus 1500, Visiconn, Venus Control Suite


  • Circuit breaker tripped or blown.


  • Use a voltmeter to verify power supply has AC voltage coming into it, this will typically be 120, 208, or 240 VAC.  If not, check circuit breaker and if tripped, reset. If blown, replace.
    • Note:   If breaker trips a second time, please call Daktronics Technical Support for assistance and do not immediately restore power by resetting breaker a second time.

KB ID: DD2091908

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