How to add beacons to a Vanguard display that has a DC I/O board in it


  • How do I get the beacons to flash on my sign? 


  • Product Family: Transportation

  • Product: VF Display

  • Component: DC I/O Board, Gen 2 Beacon


  1. Switch the controller to LOCAL mode. (An LED  on the front of the controller next to the word "LOCAL" will light up if you are in local mode).
  2. From the Main Menu:
    1. Select Configuration.
    2. Select Peripheral Configuration.
    3. Select Auto Detect Peripherals.
    4. Select Confirm.
  3. Next step is to Manually add additional peripherals.
    1. Select Add Peripherals, DC I/O Sensor, DC I/O 1, Switch 5 OFF, On Distribution board.
    2. Select Add Beacons, Gen 2, pin 17, Alt Flash, No dimming.
  4. Cancel to Main Menu.
    1. Select Diagnostics.
    2. Select Test patterns.
    3. Select Auto Test.
  5. Take a look at the front of the display to confirm the beacons are flashing. If they are, then blank the test pattern, and cancel to Reset Options, & Select Reset only. This will save your new information.


KB ID: DD2088611

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