What antivirus software is recommended for Daktronics supplied computers?


  • What antivirus software can a customer install on their Daktronics Computer?
  • What are the recommended antivirus programs on the computers in our video rack?


  • Product Family: Digital Media Players, Video Processors​, DSTI, Show Control
  • Product: computers
  • Components: DMP-7000, DMP-8000, Show Control, Venus Control Suite, Venus 1500, DSTI
  • Control System


  • Computers with Windows 10: 

  • Computers with Windows 7: 

    • Use the Windows 7 Security Essentials.  This is not shipped from Daktronics with this installed, but customers can opt to install.  Learn more by checking Windows 7 security.   

  • Computers with earlier versions of Windows:

    • Uninstall AVG and use Windows Essentials.

  • Antivirus programs that are known to not work with our equipment:
    • Some programs interfere with proper operation of our systems by blocking ports and specific types of communications used by our systems. Examples of these are: 
      • AVG (any versions since 2017)
      • Norton Internet Security (any versions since 2010)
      • McAfee AV (any versions since 2012)

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