How to change the configuration of a Lantronix box


  • How do I change the IP address on the Lantronix box using TCP/IP to connect?
  • How do I access the web config page of a Lantronix box?


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Sports Product
  • Product: Galaxy
  • Component: Lantronix UDS-10, Lantronix USS-1100
  • Control System:


There are several different ways to change the configuration on a Lantronix box:

  1. Serially (use if box has an unknown password).
  2. Telnet session (using port 9999).
  3. Use Lantronix' Device Installer program.
  4. Use the web config page of the Lantronix.

The default IP of a Lantronix box will usually be (at least in the commercial market).
Note:  Methods 2-4 either require a direct Cat5 connection to the Lantronix box or setting up a secondary IP on the computer to access the box through the network.

Additional Resources

For UDS-10's: see

1 - Connecting Serially


  • Serial port or USB on computer.
  • Terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal, Tera Term, Putty etc...).
  • DB9F to DB25M Lantronix config cable .
    • Note:  This cable is never to be used to hook the Lantronix box to a radio j-box's db9 male port; this port has power on it for DM-100 handhelds and will burn out a Lantronix box eventually).
  • This method allows one to access the setup even if there is unknown password on the Lantronix box.


  1. Open a terminal program.
  2. Select the COM port being used (can check device manager if unsure).
  3. After setup.
  4. Cycle power to the Lantronix box.
  5. Hold down x while box boots up (must be done within 3 seconds of startup of Lantronix box).
  6. Makes changes and save.
  7. Test for communication. 

2 -  Telnet Session (Recommended)

  • Requires Telnet to be enabled.
  • Connecting with Ethernet.
  • Windows XP and older OS's have telnet enable by default.
  • For Windows Vista and 7 the feature must be enabled from the control panel.
    • Windows Vista will take a very long time to enable Telnet; it is quick to just install Tera Term and run Telnet from this program.
    • Alternatively, download telnet.exe file from Dakfiles and paste the file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder to enable telnet from the command prompt.
  • If a password is set, this will need to be obtained from the customer.
  1. Open a command prompt or Tera Term.
  2. In a command prompt type in:  telnet XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 9999 (where XXX represents IP of the Lantronix).
    • Or configure Tera Term for the same using port 9999.
  3. Makes changes as needed:
  4. Test for communication. 
3 - Device Installer (see NOTE below)
  • Serial Connection or Ethernet.
  • Requires internet connection to download Device Installer.
  • Download latest version of Device Installer from Under Management Software, click the link for Device Installer to download.
  • If a password is set, this will need to be obtained from the customer. 
  1. Open Device Installer (found in All Programs >> Lantronix >> Device Installer).
  2. Device Installer should automatically find the Lantronix Box upon opening; if not press search.
    • This does require IP settings to be set appropriately on the computer.
    • Did Device installer choose the correct adapter? Device Installer will automatically choose the Windows default adapter. To change this to another adapter use the following.
      1. Select Tools
      2. Select Options
      3. Check the correct adapter and select OK.
  3. Then either access the web configuration page tab or telnet tab and connect.
  4. Makes changes as needed and save .
  5. Test for communication. 
4 - Web Configuration (see NOTE below)
  1. Type in the current IP address of the Lantronix into the URL or address bar and press enter.
  2. There may be a prompt for a username or password, just click OK to bypass this.
  3. Select the appropriate menus on the left to change/verify settings.
  4. When done click "Apply Settings" on the left.
  5. Exit the web config page.
  6. Test for communication.


NOTE - for Device Installer and Web Configuration locate and configure the following items:

  • Set or change the Baud Rate to 19200 for a Galaxy display.
  • Set I/F mode to 4C
  • Flow Control will be none
  • ​​Connect mode should be C0
  • Set the Port to 3001 then enter. 
  • Remote IP Address None. 
  • Remote Port 00000.
  • Once completed save or apply the new configured settings.


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