Keying microphone button or speaking into the microphone starts the timer.

Potential Symptoms

  • HS-200 starting the timer when mic is keyed.
  • Strobe and Start tone not present, only indication of the problem is the timer starting.
  • Unplugging lane speakers from the HS-200 causes problem to go away.


  • Product Family:  Aquatics/Swimming
  • Product:  HS-200
  • Component:  Lane Speaker; Backstroke Flag Speaker
  • Control System:  OmniSport 2000; CTS6; Omega


  • A backstroke flag speaker is in series with the lane speakers.


  • Remove backstroke flag speaker from LANE SPEAKERS series connection on the HS-200. 
    *Backstroke Flag Speakers plug into the AUX SPEAKER connection on the HS-200.
Additional Note: The lane speakers will have an impedance value of 45 ohms on the label, where the backstroke speakers will not.

KB ID: DD2050669

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