No communication to display, Computer's IP address not in range of sign

Potential Symptoms

  • No communication to display with a direct Ethernet Connection to the computer.
    • Receiving one of the following Alerts in Venus:
      • Connect failed on address.
      • The display's address could not be resolved.
      • Cannot connect to the display.
      • Unable to connect to the display.
      • Communications with the display is in use.
      • This display does not appear to be a Daktronics device.

  • Receiving a pop up window error in M2Config stating: Unable to connect to the configured display.
  • Unable to set up sign service in Display Studio to connect to the display.
    • When entering the IP address of sign in the service configuration and pressing Check, it fails to find the sign; Unable to add the sign.
  • Unable to connect to display using M2Config.
  • Unable to ping IP address of the display.
  • Unable to publish scheduled messages to display.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Products: Galaxy, GalaxyPro, Electronic Message Center (EMC), Marquee, Electronic Message Board (EMB), Display
  • Components: Ethernet Based Communication (Ethernet Bridge Radio (EBR), Fiber Ethernet, Copper Ethernet) connected to computer NIC (no network, modem, or router involved)
  • Control System: Venus 1500, Show Control (SCS-2000, Display Studio)


  • The computer's IP Address is not within range of the display's controller's IP Address.
    • May be set to Obtain an IP Address Automatically (DHCP).
    • Computers NIC may be disabled.


  • Set a static IP Address on computer Local Area Connection in same range as the sign's IP address.

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