Unable to detect secondary monitor, issue still present after restarting computer


  • No digital display option from the display properties menu.
  • Unable to extend desktop to secondary monitor.
  • One of the display adapters showing a device failed to initialize error in device manger (yellow exclamation mark next to adapter).
    • May instead show and error code 10: device cannot start
  • Unable to detect secondary monitor.

IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • Not Receiving Video" and possible "No Content" events.


  • Product Family: Billboard Displays
  • Product: DB-4000, DB-4100
  • Component: VNet or Scala 2RU 1/2 rack computer
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite


  •  Poorly seated DVI riser card.


  1. Try restarting PC first. If that doesn't work go to step 2.
  2.  Check the status of the graphics card inside the on-site computer:
    1. Click Start.
    2. Right click My Computer.
    3. Click Manage.
    4. Click Device Manager.
    5. Click Display adapters.
      • If the graphics card is detected properly, it should look like the picture below.
      • If the icon has a yellow "!" by it, the following steps below will have to be taken place on-site.
        11-6-2013 2-33-10 PM.png

Reseating graphics card ribbon cable:

  1. Power down the computer on-site.
  2. Remove the top cover from the computer.
    • There are two screws holding it in place on the back, near the power plug and the upper right edge.
  3. Reseat the connection where the riser card (pic 27) plugs into the motherboard.
  4. Reseat the connection where the riser card plugs into the video card.
  5. Power the computer back up.
  6. Verify that there are no errors on the display adapters in device manager.
  7. Verify that digital display is being detected:
    1. Right click the computer desktop and select Properties.
    2. Click the Advanced tab.
    3. Click the Display Config tab.
    4. Verify that "VGA (extend) DVI" is present and selected.
  • If digital display is still not present after reseating DVI card or if computer continues to fail, it will need to be replaced.


KB ID: DD2034630

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