Digit sign totally blank; No incoming power at sign

Potential Symptoms

  • Entire digit sign is blank.
  • All price lines on structure are not lighting, including decimals.
  • None of the price or digit signs show a boot up.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: Commercial Digit Display (Gas price, Time & Temp)
  • Component: Incoming power to sign, Circuit Breaker
  • Control System:


  • No power or electrical service to the sign.
    • May include:
      • Circuit breaker off/tripped
      • Bad Breaker
      • Electrical service cabling damaged/disconnected.


  • Turn On any Off or tripped breaker and verify it does not shut off or trip.
    • Verify signs are all now powering on.
  • NOTE: If breakers are tripping or if they are on but sign does not seem to have power, contact an electrician to check out the electrical service to the sign.

KB ID: DD2031804

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