Digits on Scoreboard are not lighting correctly after replacing digits; Digits shorted to face plate

Potential Symptoms

  • Digits are not lighting up correctly after they were changed.
  • New digits are partially lighting when they should be blank.
  • New digits and other digits connected to the same driver as the new digits are partially lighting when they should be fully lit.
  • Scoreboard may appear to have no POST but one or more digits may be lit only.
    • Over time more digits may start lighting.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Outdoor Scoreboards
  • Component: Digits
  • Control System: All Sport Console; RC-100/200


  • Digits were installed without spacers between digit and face plate.


  • Take the spacers from the old digits and install them between new digits and face plates.

Digit Standoff.jpg 

Example showing spacers stuck to an old digit. These must be moved to the new digit to prevent shorting out the digit/driver.

KB ID: DD2020825

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