Time and Temp Display, Host display goes blank once boot-up has finished

Potential Symptoms

  • Host display goes blank once boot-up has finished.
  • DM-100 may show No Displays Found if attempt is made to communicate with it.
  • Client display shows Time and Temp but once power cycled the display will boot-up and go blank.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: DF-1010, DF-1011, DF-1012
    • DataTime, Time and Temperature Digit Displays
  • Component: New installation or MASC driver replacement
  • Control System: DM-100


  • Protocol plug not installed host side driver.



  1. Install protocol plug on host driver.
  2. Display should reboot and go to E4.
  3. Use DM-100 handheld to send time to the display.  See How do you update the time on a Time/Temp unit?, DD2486459 for details.

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KB ID: DD2009382

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