How do I check for All Sport current loop Game In Progress scoreboard output data?


  • How to check that All Sport current loop (CL) output Game In Progress (GIP) data is getting to the scoreboard driver?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product:
  • Component:
  • Control System: Wired All Sport.


The following Wired All Sport communication modes will be used:

    1/4" phono
    • tip is positive (+)
    • middle ring is negative (-)
    • sleeve is ground (GND)
  • DB-25 for scoreboard current loop output
    • output 1 (+)14 and (-)15
    • output 2 (+)16 and (-)17
    • output 3 (+)18 and (-)19
  • DB-25 with a DB-25 to 16 pin circular cable (DB-25 is the same as above)
    • output 1 on 16-pin (+)1 and (-)2
    • output 2 on 16-pin (+)3 and (-)4
    • output 3 on 16-pin (+)5 and (-)6
  1. With a Multimeter measure for a DC voltage on all individual (+) and (-) output pairs mentioned above at the All Sport console location. The All Sport's output voltage should range from:
    • 8-14 Volts DC for All Sport 1600, 3000, 4000, 5000, 5500 consoles.
    • 5-10 Volts DC for All Sport 2000 series consoles
    • NOTE: the signal voltages listed above DO NOT guarantee the console output is good; they are intended to be used as a guideline.
  2. With a Multimeter measure for the voltage identified in step one at the scoreboard signal input.
Note: Outputs are separated and could produce different voltages.

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