How do I switch between Continuous Mode and Schedule Mode in Venus 1500 V4?


  • How do I switch between Continuous Mode and Scheduled Mode in Venus 1500 V4?
  • How do I get out of Continuous Mode?
  • The schedule looks different, how do I get the calendar view?
  • Does my system have the capability of scheduling a single or multiple event(s) out into the future for one date or time?  
  • How do I schedule content to play at specific date(s) and time(s)?
  • How can I create multiple playlists instead of having just 1 playlist that plays continuously?


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  • Control System: Venus 1500 V4


Venus 1500 V4 has two different types of schedule modes.  The first schedule mode is Continuous and is enabled by default when you install the software. The second is Scheduled, which needs to be enabled through the following steps.

  1. Launch Venus 1500 V4.
  2. Go to the Application Menu (Orange V) in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Select Venus 1500 Options.
  4. Click on the Scheduling menu.
  5. Choose Scheduled Mode or Continuous Mode.
  6. Select the appropriate time interval for your application.
  7. Click OK.

Note:  It is recommended to choose a mode and not switch back and forth between them. When switching from Continuous Mode to Scheduled Mode, the current schedule will be put into a playlist.  However, the schedule will be deleted when switching from Scheduled Mode to Continuous Mode.

  • Scheduled Mode - used if you need to schedule content to play different dates and times of days.  (Can be used for any combination of messages that are scheduled continuously or for specific timeframes).
  • Continuous Mode - used if you want one playlist and to run in a loop 24/7.

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