Can I replace RC-100 or FLR-500 battery?


  • Can the RC-100 or FLR-500 battery be replaced and if so how should it be done?


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Digit and Price Displays
  • Product:
  • Component: RC-100 Handheld, FLR-500 Handheld, BT-1032 - Battery Pack; Dual NIMH, 2.4V, 2.0 AH, Wire Term
  • Control System: Fuelink Radio 500, FLR-500


  • To verify the battery is replaceable, look at the Assembly Number (Assy No.) and revision number on the back of the unit (see below picture). 
    • If the handheld is an 0A-1110-0033 and the assembly is REV 7 or higher (manufacture date after August 30, 2007), the battery may be replaced in the field.  Units built before this date are not able to have the battery replaced.
    • If the handheld is an 0A-1110-0053, all revisions of this assembly have a battery that may be replaced in the field.
  • Contact Daktronics Technical Support to order a replacement battery.
    • United States & Canada 1-800-325-8766
    • Outside US & Canada +1-605-697-4000
    • Submit a Service Request form.
  • RC-100 Handheld battery replacement instructions can be found in the manuals: Remote Control System RC-100 All Sport Operation Manual, ED-15133 or Remote Control System RC-100 DataMaster Operation Manual, ED-15576.

     RC-100 handheld battery replacement.png

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