Module or section Blank, No Power, Bad Fuse


  • Blank module or row of modules.
  • Entire MLC section may be blank if fuse that power the MLC is blown.
  • No heartbeat on first module in the signal chain.
  • No power coming into the module from the power supply, however other modules on the same power supply are receiving power.


  • Billboard: DB-1000, DB-2000, DB-3000, DB-4000
  • GalaxyPro: Revolution (GPR)
  • Galaxy: AF-3400, AF-3700
  • ProFence
  • ProStar
  • ProAd
  • 1,000 watt power supplies


  • Power supply output fuse has blown.


  • Replace the blown fuse.

Work Around

  • If a replacement fuse is not available, you can move the power cable to another open output port on the power supply.

KB ID: DD1977765

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