Module section or row, entire display, or mirror is blank, Failed power supply

Potential Symptoms

  • Individual, portion, section, line, or block of modules blank on display; may include multiple rows and columns of modules.
    • Modules further down the signal stream from the blank modules may be blank, showing solid colors, pixelated, or other garbled images. 
  • Entire display (or mirror side) may be blank or garbled depending on display size and component layout.
    • However, still able to communicate to the display (Galaxy and GalaxyPro only).
  • Half or segment of the display may be blank depending on display size and component layout.
  • Section of modules may flash on and off or flicker.
  • No power LED lit on the modules connected to the power supply.
  • Power supply is not outputting correctly but is receiving proper voltage, typically 120, 208 or 240 VAC.
  • Blank section of modules.
  • Communication Failure event on the affected modules in IDM.
  • Possible Communication Failure event on affected MLC's or DD's in IDM.
  • IDM reports all modules in section as "Reset" when power goes off then back on.
  • If the fans in the display are DC powered (e.g. DB-2000 or DB-3000), the fans located in the correlating power supply section will not be running.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays, Video
  • Product: Billboard: DB-1000, DB-2000, DB-3000, DB-4075, DB-4100, DB-4200, DB-5000, DB-6400, DB-6500, BLD-0100; Galaxy:AF-3010, AF-3020, AF-3050, AF-3060, AF-3080, AF-3090, AF-3150, AF-3160, AF-3180, AF-3190, AF-3197, AF-3200, AF-3220, AF-3400, AF-3500, AF-3550; GalaxyPro: AF-3700, GPC, GPR (Revolution); ProStar Video Displays (Also, RTX, ProAd), Sport Star Live (SSL), SportStar (SS), Ticker-KF-1010 Series, GT6
  • Component: Module, modular power supply
  • Control System:


  • Failed power supply.


  • Replace the failed power supply.

For Temporary Operation

  • If a spare power supply is not available, swap the failed power supply with another to minimize the visual impact to the display.
    • Galaxy example: Swap a working power supply from mirror face that is working to the primary face where the failed power supply is located.
    • Billboard and video example: Swap a working power supply from the corner or edge of the display, one that powers fewer modules.

KB ID: DD1974242

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