How do I set up DakStats for Jackie Robinson Day


  • All players on the field are wearing number 42 jerseys in commemoration of Jackie Robinson Day.  ​How do I setup my line score and other game in progress baseball to show the player numbers to be #42?


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: DakStats Baseball
  • Components: Jackie Robinson Day
  • Control System:​ Professional Baseball


  1. In DakStats Baseball, go to Configure > Rosters.

  2. Select the appropriate Season.

  3. Select a Team that will be playing.

  4. Change the Player Number field to "42" for each player on the team.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for the opposing team.

  6. Click Save when finished.

  • If you use Bitmap RTD by jersey number, they will not function correctly if all the jersey numbers are changed to #42.

  • Be sure to set all players back to their original numbers before the next game.  ​​​

See animation below
jackie robinson day.gif

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