Introducing Venus Control Suite for Out of Home

​​Introducing Venus Control Suite, the next generation in digital billboard control solutions. Watch how this easy-to-use, mobile friendly software allows you to quickly manage your billboard content anywhere at any time on any device.

Video Transcript

00:10 When working in the Out-of-Home industry, selling all of your ad space, maximizing your revenue and making sure that you fulfill all of your contracts are at the core of your business

00:21 Daktronics makes it easy to perform your day-to-day business activities. Scheduling advertisers content and organizing playlists has never been easier than with our new, mobile friendly control solution.

00:34 Now introducing Venus Control Suite. This innovative control solution has everything you need to maximize profit with your digital Billboards.

00:45 By leveraging Daktronics proprietary sales grid you can generate more revenue than ever before. Making it easier to get the most from your display by effectively optimizing advertising slots, from anywhere.

00:59 Easily import and scale content,

01:04 schedule playlists

01:08 and verify display performance via the live web cam.

01:12 After an advertisement plays, use the Venus Control Suite’s streamlined reporting to provide clients with a proof-of-play.

01:20 The best part? Anything you do in Venus, you can do from anywhere you have an internet connection through our secure, cloud-based system.

01:29 See what the Venus Control Software can do for you.