Venus 1500: Sending in Continuous Mode

How Do I Play A Presentation in Continuous Playlist Mode?

This tutorial takes you through the steps to publish a message to your LED display. Venus® 1500 software makes playing a presentation in Continuous Playlist Mode simple.

Video Transcript

In this episode, we're going to look at how to get content playing on your display when set to continuous playlist mode. To begin, click the schedule tab at the top of the Venus 1500 window, then click Add. This will allow you to select the presentations that you've created for your display and that you would like to add to the continuous playlist mode playlist. I'll go ahead and click on Time and Date and then click Open to import that into the playlist. Now I've got some others that I'd like to add as well, so I'm going to click on Add again. This time I'm going to open the January specials folder. I've got two presentations that I've created in this folder that I would like to send to the display right now. So I'm going to click on Snacks, then I'm going to hold the CTRL key and click on Soda Special as well. This allows you to easily select multiple presentations that you've created for your display and would like to add on there at the same time. Now that I've got those selected I'll go ahead and click Open and now you can see that all three presentations are there in the playlist.

Now if I wanted to change the order in which these are going to play on the display, I can just click on the presentation that I'd like to rearrange and either click the Move Up or Move Down buttons at the top. Again this rearranges the order in which these presentations will play on your display. Now if I don't want them to run all day long, I can uncheck this box in the bottom left marked All Day and set the time period that I would like these messages to run. So say for example I want these to run from 6 am to 10 pm. Now it's important to note that any time period you don't have presentations scheduled to run, your display will be blank with the exception of a blank playlist indicator in the bottom right corner of your display. That's just a pixel that flashes letting you know that no content is currently scheduled on your display, but the display does still have power. Now these particular presentations, I would like them to run all day, so I'm going to go ahead and check that box again.

If you wanted to preview any of these presentations, you can just click on it and then click the Preview button. This will open up your preview window. You can then stop the preview. So now I want to publish these presentations to the display. To do that, just click the Publish button and this should send it straight over to the display. I'll click on the Home tab and now I can see in the running presentations my three presentations that I just sent to the display. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.