Venus 1500 Registration and Licensing

How Do I Register My Venus 1500 Software?

This tutorial takes you through step-by-step instructions for registering your Venus® 1500 digital display software. Daktronics provides frequent software updates to users. Registration may be required to activate your Venus 1500 software license and to receive update reminders.  It is recommended to update your software to the latest version (4.22.3 or later) as registration is automatic. If unable to update to the latest version follow instructions below to register. For more on licensing,  see How do I register or license Venus 1500 V4 software?

Video Transcript

Welcome. In this episode, we're going to look at the steps necessary for getting your Venus 1500 software registered. After you've installed Venus 1500 and you go to access the program each time, it will give you a warning with how many days you have remaining on the 90 day trial period. You can see in this exercise I've only got 29 days left, so I'm going to go ahead and click Yes to complete the registration. 

When the software registration window opens, there's several key pieces of information we need to gather so we can find you in our system and send the license file. For the email address, we do need a valid email address that you regularly check. This is where the license file will be sent to. The last piece is the Daktronics order number. If you have that number, that helps us to quickly find you in our system. If not, you are still able to send us the email and your information without the order number.

Once all the information is populated, go ahead and click Next. By clicking "Contact us via email", this will open up the email client on that computer, such as Microsoft Outlook or Novell, and automatically populates all the information we need into the body of that email along with the senders address. "Copy email" will allow you to copy this information into a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account if you use an email client such as that.

If the computer that Venus 1500 is installed on doesn't have internet, you can save the information onto a flash drive and then take that to another computer where you typically access your email from. As a final option, you can call Daktronics and provide us the information over the phone. However, we do still need a valid email address to send the license file to. It is impossible to provide that information over the phone.

For this exercise, I'll choose contact us via email. You can see that it opens up Microsoft Outlook and all the information is populated into the body of the email. The recipient's address,, is already there so I can just click Send to send the email to Daktronics. Once you've mailed off the registration to receive your license file, you'll want to keep an eye on your email inbox. The email will come from Software Activation and the subject will be Registration Key. Attached to that email is the .lic, or the license file, for your Venus 1500 software. We've made some changes with version 4.16, and any later revisions, to make it easier to complete the registration process. To license the software, just double-click on the license file and then click Open. This will open the registration right into Venus 1500 and complete the process for you.

You can see that it has completed, so I can click OK. Now Venus 1500 is fully registered with no expiration date. If the computer that Venus 1500 is installed on doesn't have internet access and you access email from a different computer, just Right-Click on the license file and then click Save As. This allows you to save it to a flash drive or other type of media that you could then transfer over to the Venus 1500 computer. For example, I'll save this to an external hard drive. Don't change the file name or file type when saving the license file.

Now I can go into Venus 1500 to complete the registration process. Begin by clicking on the Application button in the top left, scroll to Help and then click Registration. Click the button marked Register and you'll get a little warning that Venus 1500 will require a restart to complete the process. If you are good with that for right now, go ahead and click Yes. Otherwise you could click No and come back to it later. When the registration window opens, click on Register Software on the right and then click the Browse button. This will allow you to browse to the location where you saved the license file. Click on the file name and then Open and you can see that it copies the contents of that file into the registration code window. To complete the process, click on the Register Venus 1500 button. Now you can see that I'm fully registered with no expiration date, but I do need to restart my computer.