Venus 1500: Media Kit Download

How Do I Download My Free Media Kit?

This tutorial explains how to download the Venus® 1500 media kit and content items. With every Venus 1500 message display software installation, Daktronics provides a media kit that contains both animated and still content backgrounds. Add text and elements to these backgrounds in order to highlight your message.

Video Transcript

In this video, we're going to look at how to download the Venus 1500 media kit which is included with the purchase of your Galaxy or GalaxyPro display. The Venus 1500 media kit is a library of professionally created stills and animations that you can use to help build customized and effective content for your display to help you standout as a premiere business in your community. Please note that an internet connection is required for you to download the media kit. Depending on which revision of software you have, you may be prompted to download the media kit after configuring the display in Venus 1500. However, if your display has already been created, you can follow these simple steps to download the media kit.

Begin by clicking the Start menu in the lower left and then All Programs. Scroll down and click on the folder labeled Daktronics, then Venus 1500 version 4 and now click on Venus 1500 Media Kit. This will open up the media kit download manager. You can see my display is listed here on the left so I'll just put a check next to it and then click Download. Now it's retrieving all the media kit files that have been created for this specific size display. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the time will vary that it takes to download these files.

You can see that once it's done retrieving all of those, they appear in the download list and begin downloading. Again, depending on the speed of your internet connection, this time will vary. Once they are all complete, then I simply close out of the download manager by clicking the "X" in the upper right-hand corner. All of those pieces of content from the media kit will now be available in Content Studio under the Daktronics Library. We'll cover in other episodes how to import graphics and videos into your presentations to really create professional looking content. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.