Venus 1500: Graphics & Videos Tutorial

How Do I Import A Graphic or Video into My Presentation?

This tutorial covers how to browse for files, place them in your layout and customize as they are imported. Daktronics Venus® 1500 software allows you to simply drag and drop graphics or videos into your presentation.

Video Transcript

In this episode, I'm going to demonstrate how to import a graphic or video into your presentation. Feel free to open up Content Studio and follow along. In Content Studio you'll notice an area on the left-hand side referred to as the media library. This area helps you to easily navigate and find the images that you have stored locally on your computer, from the Daktronics media kit or even from a shared network drive. By selecting the drop-down menu here, you can see that I'm able to search in either My Documents, My Pictures library, or the Daktronics Library, which is the media kit you can download for your display. If you have images on a shared network drive that you'd like to import, you can click the Browse button to browse to that drive.

Once you've made your selection, just click on Search and you'll see the area below populates with the images in that folder. I can scroll down and find the image that I prefer. The easiest way to import it is to click and drag it onto the layout. You can see that it imports the image here and we've got blue handles on the sides that allows you to crop the image to only use part of it. I can do that by clicking and dragging these blue handles. If I wanted to change it back to use the whole picture, I can just click this button that selects the entire image.

If I click the Options tab, you'll see I have several different options available. I can turn this image into a black and white image, or I can even adjust the contrast and brightness. I also have the option of selecting the import mode. For example: By selecting Best Fit, when I import the image onto my layout and resize it, it will maintain the same aspect ratio. If I select Stretch, that allows me to change the aspect ratio and stretch it to fit a particular area of the display or the entire display. By selecting Normal, that allows me to crop the image on the layout without changing any of the characteristics such as the aspect ratio. I'll go ahead and select Best Fit.

Once you've made all of your choices, go ahead and click Import and it imports the image onto your layout. Now if I decided I wanted to crop a portion of this image, I can simply right-click, scroll to Fit Mode and then click on Normal. Now you see that I can crop the image right from the layout.

The process for importing a video into your presentation is pretty much the same. In the media library, you can see that you'll have a Videos tab. The navigation works exactly the same. The Daktronics Library is the media kit with the AVI's that download with that. You can scroll down to find the AVI that you like and it imports the same way. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.