Venus 1500: Download & Installation

How Do I Set Up and Download Venus 1500 Software?

This tutorial takes you through step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Venus® 1500 message display software, from the CD or the Daktronics website.

Video Transcript

Welcome. In this short video, we're going to look at how to install Venus 1500 version 4 which is the standard control software for Galaxy and GalaxyPro displays. To begin the installation of Venus 1500, navigate your web browser to Now you can also install the software from the disc that was provided with your display, but for this example we're going to install it from the internet.

Once you're at, simply click on the downloads tab. The first thing you'll see in the downloads is the Venus 1500 Companion Finder. Now what this is is a simple utility that you can run on your computer to make sure everything is up to date and that your computer is compatible with the software. So I'm going to go ahead and run this utility. It happens very quickly, but when I click Run its actually already processed and I can tell that this computer is a match for Venus 1500 by the green checks. If there were any issues on my computer that needed to be addressed prior to installing the software, they would be listed out here with red X's, so it would be very apparent. I can try it again and you can see that it happens very quickly.

So I'll go ahead and close that and now I'm ready to download Venus 1500 Trial Full Version. This is a 90 day trial. All I simply do is click on the executable file and then go ahead and follow the onscreen prompts to run this. You'll see as you near the end of the installation of Venus 1500, it's going to prompt you for a reboot of the computer. Now once you've rebooted the computer, you're ready to go with the 90 day trial version. I'd encourage you to checkout the short video tutorial "How to Register Venus 1500" which can be found at