Venus 1500: Computer Replacement

What Do I Do If My Computer Crashes or I Get A New One?

This short tutorial explains how to handle computer issues and scenarios to keep your Venus® 1500 software working smoothly. Computers are necessary items in our daily lives. However, there are instances when you need a computer upgrade, your computer crashes or it just becomes unusable. Daktronics takes these instances into account and provides you with options for getting your Venus 1500 message display software back up and running quickly.

Video Transcript

Daktronics understands that occasionally computers breakdown or need to be replaced. In this short video, we're going to look at what you need to do in order to get Venus 1500 version 4 back up and running on a repaired or new computer. Once your computer is fixed, check to see if Venus 1500 is still accessible. If not, or if you had to get a new computer, then you'll need to reinstall the software.

You can do this by visiting and then click on the downloads tab. You'll then want to run the Venus 1500 Trial Full Version. Click on this executable file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. Once you have installed the trial version, simply register the software again. This will ensure that you don't get locked out of the software when the 90 day trial period ends. Visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.