Venus 1500 Configure a Display

How Do I Configure My Daktronics Display?

This tutorial walks you through the steps to automatically or manually configure your Daktronics display using Venus® 1500 version 4 message display software.

Video Transcript

Welcome. In this short video, we’re going walk you through the steps to configure your display in Venus 1500 Version 4. There are several different ways to configure a display in Venus 1500. If you have just installed the software and no other displays have been configured yet, you'll likely get a message saying that fact and asking you if you would like to launch the Display Wizard in order to configure a display. If you would, just click Yes, and this will launch the Configuration Wizard. Now, I’m going to go ahead and hit Cancel to cancel out of this, and show you the other way to get into the Display Configuration Wizard. You can get there by clicking the Application button or the orange “V” in the top left, go to Configure, and then Displays. This will bring up the Display Management window, in which you want to simply click Add Display.

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