Galaxy® eCCB Series 19.8 mm Red LED Display

The Galaxy eCCB LED sign offers organizations a product that will attract more business than a manual changeable copy board. Users control the text-based display from a Wi-Fi ready mobile device using a web browser.

Traditional changeable copy boards can be difficult to update, especially in bad weather, so messages often aren't as current as they should be. This restricts content to messages that are typically more generic. Facilities with existing changeable copy boards can now retrofit their sign with a Galaxy eCCB display. The eCCB eliminates many of the problems that arise with a manual board.


This affordable display offers:

Quick & Easy Message Creation

Basic messaging schedules from a mobile phone or tablet (most Wi-Fi ready devices)

Dynamic Message Posting

Ability to post timely messages in any weather condition


Low cost of ownership and uses existing line power from backlit copy board

Simplified Installation

Mounts into existing copy board cabinet for quick installation

Upgrade Your Changeable Copy Board to an eCCB LED Sign

Facilities with existing changeable copy boards can retrofit their sign with a Galaxy eCCB display. The eCCB LED display installs quickly into the existing copy board cabinet and uses existing line power.

After eCCB Install
Old Changeable Copy Board

Before After


Line-and-Column Spacing: 19.8mm
Pixel Configuration: 1 red
Maximum Brightness: 4,000 nits
Lifetime (.5 brightness): 100,000+ hours
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 140 degrees horizontal
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70 degrees vertical
Horizontal Readability Angle: 160 degrees horizontal
Vertical Readability Angle: 90 degrees vertical
Contrast Enhancement: Non-reflective black louvers and module face grooves disperse light
Cabinet Configuration: Front-ventilated single cabinet
Graphic Capability: Fixed format text only; schedule up to 18 messages
Control Software: Web browser based interface; works with popular smartphone and tablet devices; line of sight device & environment dependent
Service Access: Front Access
Power: 120 VAC single phase
Display Dimming: 64 levels (automatic or manual control)
Operating Temperature: ​-40°F to 120°F with 99% RH non-condensing
Compliance Information: UL and cUL Recognized, UL and cUL Classified, FCC compliance
Warranty Coverage: 2 Years

Size Options

Sizes Lines and Columns Character Height Number of Lines Characters per Line
3' x 8' 32x100 10"-16.5"
1 6-8
2 11-13
4' x 6' 48x80 11"-16.5"
1 4-6
2 6-8
3 8-10  
4' x 8' 48x100 11"-16.5"
1 6-8
2 8-10
3 11-13
5' x 8' 64x100 12.5"-22"
1 4-6
2 6-8
3 8-10
4 11-13
5' x 10' 64x140 12.5"-22"
1 7-8
2 9-11
3 12-14
4 16-18

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